Based on a True Story

Summer Camp  by  Grace Duncan

Summer Camp by Grace Duncan


Have you heard the one about the Summer camp on Staten Island?

We live in, what can often seem to be, a relentlessly frightening world, where we are inundated with the worst crimes in our society by a 24 hour news cycle. And so, it would be natural to think that we would seek refuge from these daily horrors. Why is it then, that we feel a frisson of excitement when something scary opens with those five little words … based on a true story.


Track Listing

Blue Dot Sessions - Cicle Ariel

Blue Dot Sessions - Tranceless

Blue Dot Sessions - Olivia Wraith

Blue Dot Sessions - Aloscape 2

Blue Dot Sessions - Toothless Slope

Blue Dot Sessions - Cirrus

Dutilleul - Breeze

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