When in the World

Nowhere  by  Grace Duncan

Nowhere by Grace Duncan


Have you heard the one about the hairy-armed hitchhiker?

The experience of time passing is integral to our understanding of the world around us. So when something appears to defy our ability to locate it in a particular time and place, humans will often feel a deep sense of unease. When this fuses with unnerving cultural memories, the result can often be something quite terrifying.


Track Listing

Chad Crouch - The Path WIll Tell

Blue Dot Sessions - Chalk

Blue Dot Sessions - Awanee

Blue Dot Sessions - Zither Sprak

Blue Dot Sessions - Cicle Vascule

Blue Dot Sessions - Cicle Clavis Textile

Chad Crouch - Fingernail Grit

Find Chad Crouch at soundofpicture.com and Blue Dot Sessions at sessions.blue

Music licensed under CC BY NC