Unlucky for Some

Lucky Number 13  by  Grace Duncan

Lucky Number 13 by Grace Duncan


Have you heard the one about Boothworld Industries?

Numerology has long been part of our every day superstitions. And while we think of numbers as objective, in actuality we often attach to them special meaning. Perhaps we use our lucky number for the lottery, or maybe we avoid sitting at an unlucky seat number. Although, deep down we probably know such things are absurd. But when numbers really have unlocked some of the deepest mysteries of our world, maybe it is wise to be hesitant when you see you have reached your 13th session.

h/t to Scary Stories listener, Leigh Clayton.


Track Listing

Blue Dot Sessions - Demalion Theme

Blue Dot Sessions - Angel Tooth

Blue Dot Sessions - Reflectors

Blue Dot Sessions - Snowmelt

Blue Dot Sessions - Snowcrop

Chris Zabriskie - The Theatrical Poster for Poltergeist

Blue Dot Sessions - Deathly Recitation

Dutilleul - Raw like Leather

Find Chris Zabriskie at chriszabriskie.com, Dutilleul on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, and Blue Dot Sessions at sessions.blue.

Music licensed under CC BY NC