The Big Blue

Going Under  by  Grace Duncan

Going Under by Grace Duncan


Have you heard the one about drowning?

Water can be soothing and comforting. It is easy to drift away in it and leave the world above the surface behind. But in a flash it can turn from something that embraces you into something that drags you to your ultimate demise.

h/t to Scary Stories listener, Dan Lopez.


Track Listing

Chad Crouch - Pink Gradient

Chad Crouch - Satellite Bloom

Blue Dot Sessions - Kirkus

Chris Zabriskie - Candlepower

Chris Zabriskie - Divider

Chris Zabriskie - Oxygen Garden

Chris Zabriskie - Cylinder Five

Chris Zabriskie - Cylinder Four

Blue Dot Sessions - A Catalog of Seasons

Dutilleul - I’d Like to Stay

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Music licensed under CC BY NC