Session 16: The Glint of Light on Broken Glass

Tranquility Bae  by  Grace Duncan

Tranquility Bae by Grace Duncan


Have you heard the one about the dog?

Since time immemorial, humans have marvelled at the moon in the night sky. We made it our mission to reach it, to step on it, and in doing so uncover its secrets. And yet the moon still has some mysteries left, but we might just want to leave them hidden.

h/t to Scary Stories listener, Paul Csomo.


Track Listing

Borrtex - Black Out

Blue Dot Sessions - Spins and Never Falls

Blue Dot Sessions - Lacquer Groove

Blue Dot Sessions - This Our Home

Chris Zabriskie - CGI Snake

Blue Dot Sessions - Kintel Gear

Chris Zabriskie - Cylinder Eight

Borrtex - Victory

Dutilleul - Wes Whistle

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Music licensed under CC BY NC

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