Session 7: A Luxury the Wealthy Can Afford

Trustworthy  by  Grace Duncan

Trustworthy by Grace Duncan


Have you heard the one about the bag in the backseat?

It is a popular adage that trust takes a lifetime to build and only a moment to break. But if we are being honest, we often give our trust willingly at a moment’s notice. Every time we step onto a bus, eat out, order a drink, get into that taxi, we are trusting strangers with our lives. But what happens if we get it wrong?


Track Listing

Chad Crouch - Scaffoldings

Blue Dot Sessions - Wahre

Blue Dot Sessions - An Accumulation

Dutilleul - Afternoon Near the River

Dutilleul - Kasbah

Blue Dot Sessions - Janitor

Blue Dot Sessions - Bell Solo

Dutilleul - Putain de Toi

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Music licensed under CC BY NC

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