The Look of Love

Lover’s Lane  by  Grace Duncan

Lover’s Lane by Grace Duncan


Have you heard the one about lover’s lane?

Love has been celebrated throughout human culture. From poetry and literature to heartfelt ballads and romantic comedies, we are obsessed with that first flush of romance. But at its core, the only difference between being in love and being scared beyond reason is who or what is standing in front of you.


Track Listing

Blue Dot Sessions - Venndet

Blue Dot Sessions - Gilroy

Blue Dot Sessions - Last Lights

Blue Dot Sessions - Great is the Contessa

Dutilleul - Purple Liquid

Dutilleul - Bud Bunny

Dutilleul - Utopies

Blue Dot Sessions - An Accumulation

Blue Dot Sessions - Gilroy Solo

Chad Crouch - Dolce Beat

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Music licensed under CC BY NC