If I Die Before I Wake

Company  by  Grace Duncan

Company by Grace Duncan


Have you heard the one about dying in your dream?

Every night we lay down our heads, close our eyes and allow ourselves to slip into unconsciousness. And in doing so, every night we are unthinkingly putting ourselves at the mercy of our surroundings. Because monsters, both real and imagined, are too often lying in wait, and what better time to strike than when we are asleep?


Track Listing

Blue Dot Sessions - Szaree

Chris Zabriskie - Rewound

Chris Zabriskie - There’s a Special Place for Some People

Chris Zabriskie - The Ocean’s Continue to Rise

Chris Zabriskie - I Used to Need the Violence

Blue Dot Sessions - Felt Lining

Dutilleul - High Cruisin’

Find Chris Zabriskie at chriszabriskie.com, Dutilleul on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, and Blue Dot Sessions at sessions.blue.

Music licensed under CC BY NC