Unlucky for Some – BoothWorld Industries

Scary Stories Session 13 concludes with a retelling of the Boothworld Industries story. Unlike many of the other stories in the show, Boothworld Industries is not a classic urban legend, but a much more recent creation.

In 2013, a post relaying the story of Boothworld Industries appeared on reddit/nosleep. Of course nosleep is a subreddit understood to be fictional, even if everyone plays along with the story. But it was immediately apparent that Boothworld Industries was unlike most other stories, and pretty soon numerous tales surfaced from members who had tried to phone the number and disturbingly were connected to an automated line informing them that the call had been traced and their details were on the system. Even more worryingly, some of those callers did in fact receive a call back from someone purporting to be from Boothworld Industries.

Of course the story isn’t real. Not only is it logistically impossible for a company to operate without detection and yet manage to arrange hits on strangers so quickly, but there is also little impetus for such a company to even exist. There is no request for money — so what is the payoff for them to undertake something that would be so obviously expensive to do so. No, the story is just that. The fictional brainchild of Christopher Bloodworth, whose last name just so happens to share all the same letters as Boothworld. But it is worth giving him credit for attention to detail — after all, Boothworld Industries was established in 1888, which just so happens to be the same year that Jack the Ripper stalked the streets of London.